is a growing group of voters that have done a lot of research and are all about exposing the myriad attempts being made to deceive us, the voters, in hopes we will ignore how we are being deceived.

Ballots are being mailed this week.  We encourage you to Vote NO on the Override and Bond.

There are many stories surrounding the district’s current request for more money in the form of an override and more debt by passing a bond. You may find it interesting, intriguing, and in some cases downright disgusting.  We did too.

Gilbert Public Schools (GPS) uses deception of many forms to keep information from the voters to protect its image.  They are keenly aware that if the voters and taxpayers know too much in the way of details about how things are really done, they’d never pass another override or bond issue.

Bonds and overrides are put to a vote so the electorate, you, may use its discretion to determine whether or not to support giving a greater percentage of your money to GPS.

Please click around on some of the issues we’re bringing to your attention.  We have no desire to do anything but inform your discretion as you determine what type of culture you may be supporting if you elect to support the override and the bond.

THE CHILDREN, a political action committee, appreciate your willingness to dig in and find out the truth.